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Proudly Serving Mira Mesa, California

Not all towing and vehicle recovery services in Mira Mesa are created equal. But we can proudly state that our company ranks among the most reputable in the area. This is because we are able to offer assistance with any type of vehicle, ranging from light vehicles and small cars to heavy-duty vehicles and buses. We even help with motorcycles and RVs. You can trust our professionals to be licensed and insured when they reach you. And trust they are trained to effectively handle the situation. We have been around for several years now, happily servicing the Mira Mesa area and building on our experience.

Our Towing Service Highlights:

  • Roadside assistance during emergency situations
  • Battery replacements
  • Give your car a jump start
  • Repair/replace tires
  • Recover vehicles on and off-road
  • Winching and recovery


  • Remove vehicles that are part of an accident
  • Motorcycle towing and/or assistance
  • Tow your vehicle long distance
  • Private property towing
  • Remove junk cars

Mira Mesa's Leading Towing Company

When your car breaks down, the least you can expect from a towing company is the urgency to help you. And this is exactly the type of approach our company is based on. We offer affordable prices for the best operators that respond immediately. The best part? You can call 24/7 and someone is going to answer.

The Services You Need Quickly!

Your urgency and care is our #1 focus let us give you a lift and get you back on the road and on with your day!

mira mesa motorcycle towing

Private Property And Car Impound

For all private vehicle parking zone owners that face challenges with abandoned cars? Or cars that do not park where they are supposed to? We are more than happy to impound these as well as junk cars that take up space.


Motorbike Towing

We understand that you want your motorbike to reach its new destination without any type of damage. Hence the reason for using only the best techniques and equipment for the towing process.

heavy duty towing

Towing Long Distance

While a car dolly can do its job for towing across town, something more durable is necessary for longer distances. Once you experience our friendly and professional towing service, you will never feel nervous on the road again. Because you know we are ready and waiting to answer your call. More importantly, we are eager to assist and get you back on the road!

The Best Towing Company In Mira Mesa, CA

We have been proudly serving Mira Mesa and surrounding areas for more than 20 years, providing top quality service. We have carefully cultivated a team of towing experts that are ready to use their skills and expertise to assist anyone and anywhere near our service areas.

It is our commitment to provide our customers with fast, friendly, safe, yet affordable service. We take the utmost care of your vehicle and make the extra effort to respect your property and time. Call us today at 858-586-2129 and one of our trucks will come to your aid as quickly as possible! 

Need More Reasons To Call Us Right Now?

We Always Do A Professional Job

All this time we've been operational in and around Mira Mesa, we work according to a strict level of professionalism. And our experience gives us an advantage in terms of knowing what the client wants. Add to this our expert drivers that always use extra caution with every job.

We Have The Equipment

In order to move or transport any type of vehicle, the right equipment is critical. We've got you covered, though. Our operators can deliver it to wherever you need.

Certified And Specially Trained

Depending on the state, certain vehicle codes and laws apply when a towing service is used. Luckily, our operators have undergone all the necessary qualification processes and training to get certified.

The Best Service In Mira Mesa

Expect nothing less than a friendly, respectful, patient, and helpful operator. Our people prioritize customer experience from the moment you call to the moment you are done needing our services.

Serving Mira Mesa For Over 20 Years


Q: What Does A Towing Service Typically Cost?

A: Unfortunately, there is no set price. Certain elements have to be factored in first, such as your location, the time of day, the type of vehicle you need assistance with, etc. And while fixed rates are used for a hookup and miles driven, it does not cover unusual circumstances. Rest assured we only deviate from the industry pricing standards when it means charging less.

Q: What Do I Need To Get My Vehicle Towed?

For the most part, our light-duty/flatbed trucks can do a great job. But if more equipment is necessary for vehicles like motor homes and semi-trucks, we have it ready-to-go.

motorcycle towing mira mesa

The Best Full Towing Service IN Mira Mesa

Everything you could want in a towing service you get with us. We take on every job, big and small, and we do it with pride. 

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